David Robinson Takes His Carbon Fee & Dividend Campaign to Toronto

(SUDBURY):  Sudbury’s Dr. David Robinson will take his climate change solutions to Toronto as an expert panellist and featured speaker tonight when he participates in the “Putting a Price on Carbon” forum moderated by Stephen Lewis. 
“The fact is that carbon pricing is coming to Ontario,” says Robinson. “The Liberal government has said so. It’s important we get the right plan in place. I believe that plan is a carbon fee and dividend.”
Dr. Robinson and the Green Party are proposing a carbon fee and dividend policy that will put money in your pocket with revenue from taxing carbon polluters.  The Green Party’s carbon fee and dividend policy is a simple and fair solution to the climate crisis.
“As an economist I know it’s crucial to get prices right,” says Robinson.  “I know that Conservatives, Liberals and NDP supporters are looking to their political leaders for action on the climate crisis, and they’re seeing cowardly avoidance or outright hostility. I’ll come back from Toronto even better equipped to give other local candidates a hard time at the all-candidates meeting sponsored by the  Sudbury Chamber of Commerce on Thursday at College Boreal.”
The “Putting a Price on Carbon” forum is hosted by the University of Toronto School of the Environment. It was organized by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby; and the community organization, For our Grandchildren.  It is taking place at Victoria College, at the University of Toronto.  The forum starts at 7:30, and will be live-streamed over the internet.  The event was planned before the by-election was called.
Dr. Robinson will be joined by co-panelists Nicholas Rivers, Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy, University of Ottawa; Katie Sullivan, Director, North America and Climate Finance, IETA; and Gray Taylor, a leading climate change lawyer.
Dr. David Robinson and the Green Party are on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and smart policy to Queen’s Park.
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