Shawbonquit’s Position on Carbon Pricing Shameful Says Robinson

(SUDBURY):  Green Party candidate Dr. David Robinson slammed NDP opponent Suzanne Shawbonquit over her opposition to putting a price on carbon pollution as part of an integrated effort to combat climate change.  
”The NDP has become the anti-environment party,” says Robinson. “It’s disheartening that the NDP has joined the Conservatives in opposing action on the climate crisis.”
In two public all-candidates forums last week, NDP candidate Suzanne Shawbonquit stated her opposition to a price on carbon pollution. The NDP by-election campaign has said nothing about the party’s plans to address the climate crisis or how Sudbury could thrive in a low carbon economy.
“It’s sad that the NDP has picked a candidate who isn’t taking the climate crisis seriously,” says Robinson. “In British Columbia, the NDP actively campaigned against carbon pricing. Voters in Sudbury deserve an honest answer on whether the NDP plans to fight against action on the climate crisis in Ontario as well.”
The Green Party of Ontario has a simple, effective climate policy: carbon pollution should be priced with a revenue-neutral fee and dividend plan. Carbon cheques will be sent to all Ontarians from the proceeds of pricing carbon pollution.
“Greens want to tax big oil and put the money in your pocket with a dividend cheque,” says Robinson. “As an economist, I can tell you that it is simple economics: We put money in your pocket and you bank even more money by choosing low carbon goods and services.”
“I don’t understand why Suzanne Shawbonquit and the NDP are against a plan which will help the majority of Ontarians – especially the least well off among us,” asks Robinson. “Is she playing politics with such a serious threat, or has the party given up on taking action on the climate crisis?”
Dr. David Robinson and the Green Party are on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and Carbon Cheques to Ontario.