Flawed Poll Continues Political Games in Sudbury

(SUDBURY): Green Party candidate Dr. David Robinson issued the following statement regarding a poll conducted in Sudbury last night that omitted him as a candidate: 
“Just when you think we’ve had enough political games from the old parties in this campaign, one of them conducts a poll last night that erases me as a candidate. 
I’m flattered that they are so worried about our campaign that they are afraid to remind people that I’m even in the race. Our campaign is gaining momentum because we are talking about the issues that matter to the people of Sudbury. The old parties can’t dismiss the issues or our campaign that easily. 
I don’t think the people of Sudbury will be fooled by these types of political games. I want to thank all the people who have contacted our campaign office today to voice their concerns with this poll. 
Our campaign team has contacted the company that we believe was hired to conduct the poll. Our hope is that this poll or any other misleading poll is not released publicly. Sudburians deserve better. 
I’d like to suggest some new campaign tactics to the old parties: compare the candidates on the issues, our track record, our commitment to the community, our vision for Sudbury, and our plan to make this great city even better. 
The Green Party will not play these political games. Instead, we want to change the political status quo. My campaign is on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and smart policy to Queen’s Park.”