Robinson Has a Plan to Seize Opportunities in the Ring of Fire, Bolster Sudbury’s Mining Supply Sector

(SUDBURY): Green Party candidate Dr. David Robinson wants the Ring of Fire to be a model for sustainable mining development around the world.   
“Ontario should use the Ring of Fire to set the standard for sustainable mining,” says Robinson.  “Ontario’s mining suppliers – many of which are based in Sudbury – could become the world’s leaders in sustainable mining technology.  The Ring of Fire presents us with a generational opportunity to create prosperity for the north, but the government and the opposition parties at Queen’s Park don’t have any plan to seize this opportunity.  I do.”
David Robinson has a proven track record in economic development.  For years, Robinson has been calling for developing the Ring of Fire in a sustainable manner.  
“The Ring of Fire is a springboard for economic development and job creation in Sudbury and throughout Ontario’s north,” says Robinson. “What the government does not understand is that mining wealth increasingly comes from supply industries. In Sudbury the supply industries already produce more value than the mines.  As your MPP, I’ll make sure that our government has a credible plan for developing Sudbury’s supply sector so that it’s ready to reap the benefits from the Ring of Fire.”
Although there have been numerous delays with developing the Ring of Fire, David Robinson and the Green Party believe that development is inevitable. However, Ontario’s Liberal government, and the Progressive Conservative and NDP opposition have no credible plan to make development sustainable, while maximizing the Ring of Fire’s potential to create jobs and prosperity throughout the North.
“To obtain the social license necessary for development, the Ring of Fire has to be a showcase for sustainable mining practices, including carbon neutrality,” says Robinson.  “Who will you trust more than the Green Party to make sure that Ontario ‘gets it right’ in the Ring of Fire?  The Green Party has a real plan to make sure that development is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.”
Dr. David Robinson and the Green Party are on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and smart policy to Queen’s Park.