Geothermal Energy Can Fuel Dr. David Robinson’s Plan to Make Sudbury a Global Centre for Mining Excellence

(SUDBURY): Dr. David Robinson, the Green Party’s candidate, wants to build a geothermal energy industry in Sudbury. Robinson wants clean, inexpensive geothermal energy to fuel his plan to turn Sudbury into a global centre for mining excellence.  
“Everybody knows that it’s hot underground,” says Robinson. “Fossil energy sources are only going to get more expensive. We’ve got all of this free geothermal energy underground, so let’s go and get it!” 
Sudbury’s mining cluster is well-positioned to develop geothermal energy sources. Geothermal energy can help reduce mining energy costs and provide a valuable mining product.  It can also save Sudbury homeowners and businesses money on their energy bills. 
“Ontario has to do the research, and Sudbury is the place for a big rollout,” says Robinson. “This is an industry that we can export to the rest of the world.  Deep geothermal is the kind of technological innovation that will help turn Sudbury into a world-class centre for mining excellence and energy efficiency.”
Dr. Robinson has a proven track record in economic development. Robinson was instrumental in bringing the School of Architecture to Laurentian University, and first identified Sudbury’s mining supply cluster. 
“Gas price gimmicks like the NDP proposed last week won’t solve our energy, economic or environmental challenges,” said Robinson. “Sudbury can be a global leader with innovative thinking and an MPP with the courage to offer new ideas which challenge business as usual.”
Robinson is committed to working with community leaders to develop made-in-Sudbury solutions. Geothermal builds on Sudbury’s strength in mining. And it supports local energy solutions.  
“Let’s teach Queen’s Park a lesson on how local energy solutions can create jobs, strengthen Sudbury’s economy and benefit our environment,” says Robinson. “As your MPP, I will work with the people of Sudbury to deliver made-in-Sudbury solutions to Queen’s Park.”
Dr. David Robinson and the Green Party are on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and smart policy to Queen’s Park.