David Robinson Wants to Create Jobs by Making Sudbury a Centre for Mining Excellence

(SUDBURY): Green Party Candidate Dr. David Robinson will continue pushing to make Sudbury Ontario’s global centre for mining excellence. 
“I will advocate for local job creation by pushing to consolidate mining research and innovation in Sudbury,” says Robinson. “The Liberals have scattered Ontario’s mining assets all over with no real plan. My plan helps everyone in the mining sector by building on Sudbury’s mining supply cluster to create a global centre for mining research, innovation and best practices.”
Robinson’s strategy includes consolidating public sector research in Sudbury. This will attract more mining supply companies and increase investment and job creation in the mining sector. Robinson’s plan will also provide the expertise needed to support new projects such as the Ring of Fire with cutting edge innovation and sustainable practices. 
“The three old parties have no vision for how the Ring of Fire can establish Ontario as a centre for excellence in sustainable and innovative mining practices,” says Robinson. “Sudbury is the obvious choice to be the centre for mining research and supply.” 
Robinson’s plan also includes research and development to cut energy costs for mining. By utilizing underground waste heat, for example, mining companies could reduce their energy costs and even save millions in energy costs for businesses and households in Sudbury.
“Local companies can create more jobs and reduce costs by becoming more energy efficient,” says Robinson. “We can commercialize these innovations in Sudbury and export them. This uses our talents to strengthen Sudbury’s economy and create good local jobs.” 
Dr. David Robinson has spent his career as an economist working on job creation policies in the North and pushing for policies to make Northern Ontario’s economy more resilient. His work demonstrates how Sudbury can create jobs and protect the environment at the same time. 
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