Green Candidate Robinson Elevates Sudbury By-Election Debate

(Sudbury, Ontario): Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner extends a warm welcome to David Robinson who was nominated Tuesday as the party’s candidate for the upcoming Sudbury by-election.  
Dr. Robinson, a Professor of Economics at Sudbury’s Laurentian University, has dedicated his professional career to promoting economic development in Northern Ontario. He played a leading role in bringing the Northern Ontario School of Architecture to Sudbury. Robinson focuses his time and energy on building a sustainable future for Sudbury as Director of the Institute for Northern Ontario Research and Development (INORD).
“Too much politics is based on bad economics. As a professional economist, I know that Green policies are the only feasible long-term approach to building a strong economy,” stated Robinson. “We’ve done a lot of impossible projects in Sudbury. Electing Ontario’s first Green MPP ought to be easy!”
“I’m thrilled that David Robinson is joining the GPO team,” says Schreiner. “None of the other candidates have David’s knowledge of the issues facing Sudbury or his record of bringing jobs to Sudbury. None of them have his vision or insight. David will change the conversation from back room political games to an honest debate about the real issues that matter to the people of Sudbury.” 
About David Robinson:
David is currently the Director of the Institute for Northern Ontario Research and Development at Laurentian University. He has consulted for forest-dependent communities and written on the economics of community forestry. He is best known for columns in Northern Ontario Business Magazine that focus on Northern economic issues, including the sustainable development of the Ring of Fire. He is currently writing a book on Northern Ontario economic development policy. 
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