Human Rights Day

We at the Green Party of Ontario stand behind our core values of social justice, non-violence, gender equality, diversity, and personal and global responsibility. These are the values we strive to uphold in our personal and political lives. Today, as we reflect on the state of human rights in Ontario and around the world, it is an upsetting reality that our fight is far from over. Discrimination, cruelty, and persecution are still too frequent occurrences. 
It is clear that we must continue to fight against oppressive behavior,  intolerance, prejudice, and all other forms of discrimination. By working together, we can inspire social justice and secure human rights here in Ontario and around the world.
Furthermore, we hope that as Greens we can stop to think of the effects of climate change and how these effects threaten basic human rights across the planet. Extreme weather events, including droughts and storms, put vulnerable countries at risk by limiting their access to sufficient food and water, adequate housing, and protection from disease. 
With all of this in mind, we must act both locally and globally to secure basic human rights and build a just society for the future.