Call for a Public Review of the Costs of Bruce B Nuclear Station

The contract with Bruce Power for the re-building of its Bruce B Nuclear Station will be the largest private sector contract ever entered into by the Government of Ontario. 
No nuclear project in Ontario’s history has delivered on budget or on time. The 2012 restart of the Bruce A Units 1 and 2 reactors came in $2 billion over budget and over 2 years behind schedule.

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Rebuilding the Bruce B Nuclear Station will cost Ontario’s consumers between $60 and $111 billion over 30 years. Ontario will no longer have the flexibility to develop lower cost alternatives.
Yet, the Liberal government is refusing to submit the Bruce Power deal to the Ontario Energy Board for a public review to determine whether this is a good deal for Ontario’s electricity ratepayers.
I therefore call on the Government of Ontario to have the Ontario Energy Board conduct a full public review of the costs of and alternatives to rebuilding the Bruce B Nuclear Station and other nuclear facilities in Ontario.
Find the blog from March at http://www.gpo.ca/blog/2015-03-13/your-voice-can-help-stop-rebuild-bruce-nuclear-0 for the advocacy campaign and Mike’s sample comment