Greens Support Motion to Develop Lyme Disease Strategy for Ontario

(Queen’s Park): Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner supports motion to develop a Lyme disease strategy for Ontario.

“People suffering from Lyme disease have struggled to receive proper diagnosis and treatment for far too long,” says Schreiner speaking in support of MPP Michael Mantha’s motion. “I urge all parties to support a Lyme disease strategy for Ontario.” Mr. Mantha’s motion calls on the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to develop a comprehensive and integrated Lyme disease strategy for Ontario within one year of the motion’s passage.

According to the Ontario Lyme Alliance, “many physicians are still unable to properly diagnose, test for or treat the disease due to inappropriate guidelines prescribed by the government’s medical bodies.”

“The lack of diagnosis and treatment options for people with Lyme disease is unacceptable,” says Schreiner. “Ontario desperately needs a comprehensive strategy to prevent, diagnose and treat Lyme disease now.”

“Climate change will increase the threat of Lyme disease,” says Schreiner. “I urge swift passage of Mr. Mantha’s bill, so we can get to work on a Lyme disease strategy immediately.”


Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May’s private bill, National Lyme Disease Strategy Act, passed third reading in the House of Commons on June 11, 2014. Mr. Mantha’s motion would require that Ontario’s Lyme disease strategy be coordinated with the Action Plan on Lyme Disease being developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada.



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Samantha Bird