Open Letter to Premier Wynne: Implement a Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy

Dear Premier Wynne: 
I’m writing to ask your government to take action on the climate crisis. Climate change is causing extreme weather events that threaten our well-being and cost us billions.
Yet, Ontario is not on track to meet the province’s greenhouse gas reduction obligations according to Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller. This is not the legacy we want to leave for our children and grandchildren, especially in the wake of the dire warnings contained in IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Synthesis Report released on November 2.
Next week’s Fall Economic Statement provides your government with an opportunity to take real action on the climate crisis by requiring carbon polluters to pay their fair share.
Attached is a petition with 1006 signatures calling on your government to implement a carbon fee and dividend policy. A carbon fee requires polluters to pay and the dividend returns the money directly to the people of Ontario.
Putting a price on carbon pollution is the most efficient and effective way to reduce greenhouse gas pollution while creating jobs and prosperity. Returning the revenue directly to Ontarians is fair and progressive. It shows people how tackling the climate crisis provides direct, tangible benefits for everyone.
BC has shown how a carbon tax can result in a growing economy with less carbon pollution. Even Alberta has put a small price on carbon. The U.S. and China just announced an agreement to act on the climate crisis. When it comes to the emerging clean economy, Ontario cannot afford to be left in the dust. 
Premier, you have shown a willingness to talk about climate change. You took a small, albeit important, step by creating the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Now is the time to turn your talk into action.
I encourage you to listen to the people calling on your government to make carbon polluters pay. The Fall Economic Statement is the perfect opportunity to take bold action on climate.
There is no time to waste. We need leadership now.
Mike Schreiner
Green Party of Ontario