Greens call on Premier to stop the Midhurst Mega-Development

Midhurst, ON – Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner is calling on Premier Wynne to close the loopholes and special deals allowing the Midhurst mega-development to threaten 1,900 acres of farmland and the Minesing Wetlands. 
“I’m tired of political deals trumping what is good for our communities and protections for our foodlands and water systems,” says Schreiner. “It is wrong for the Liberal government to support a mega-sprawl development that breaks the core values of their own Places to Grow Act.”
The Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP) breaks 16 guidelines and core values of Ontario’s Places to Grow Act. Midhurst is the only community in Ontario that is allowed to break all of these rules due to a rare ministerial order, or ” legislative loophole,” written just for Midhurst.
“If we have rules, shouldn’t we follow them?” asks Schreiner. “People are losing confidence in government when status quo politicians put special interests before the public good.”
Schreiner is calling on Premier Wynne to fulfill her campaign promise to review the MSP.
“The Premier needs to fulfill her promise to review the special loophole for the Midhurst Mega-Development,” says Schreiner. “She needs to show respect for the law and for the 45,000 people who have signed the petition to protect food and water from the Midhurst mega-development.”
Schreiner is especially concerned that Ontario is losing 365 acres of farmland every day. This is equivalent to losing an area the size of Toronto each year.
“Ontario can’t afford to put sprawl before food and water,” says Schreiner. “Government has to end the special deals that threaten our food and water.”