Open Letter to Premier Wynne: Cancel the Darlington rebuild

Queen’s Park – Today Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, sent the following open letter to Premier Wynne:

October 16, 2014
Dear Premier Wynne:
I’m urging you to cancel the Ontario government’s plans to rebuild the Darlington Nuclear Station. Attached are 1140 signatures on a petition calling on your government to cancel the Darlington rebuild.
No nuclear project in Ontario’s history has ever delivered on time or on budget. No private company will insure a nuclear station because the risks are too high. And there is still no solution for dealing with nuclear waste.
Is this the kind of mess that you want to leave our children and future generations?
Just last week the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission announced that nuclear operators will be required to pre-distribute anti-radiation potassium iodide (KI) pills to residents and businesses within just 10 km of a nuclear facility. In contrast, Switzerland pre-distributes KI pills to people living within 50 km of a nuclear facility.
Is this the kind of risk that you want to subject the people of Ontario?
Premier, I know that you want to leave a positive legacy. I know you want to do the right thing for Ontario. That is why I’m asking you to stand up to the vested interests that want to protect the nuclear status quo.
Studies show that Ontario can replace over 95% of the electricity generated by Darlington with lower cost, safer and greener water power from Quebec. Ontario should pursue this option before wasting billions on another nuclear boondoggle.
I applaud your efforts to open a conversation with Quebec on sharing energy resources. Now is the time to turn that conversation into action.
Ontario has no time to waste. The Darlington rebuild is already over budget before any construction has even started.
Premier, I urge you to cancel the Darlington rebuild today. Ontario cannot afford the financial, safety and environmental risks associated with rebuilding Darlington.  
Mike Schreiner
Leader of the Green Party of Ontario
You can find the Petition online here