Greens call for ban on logging in Algonquin


October 7, 2014

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Queen’s Park – Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner is calling for a ban on logging in Algonquin Park. 
“People are outraged when they learn that the Liberals are failing to protect one of the province’s Crown Jewels – Algonquin Park,” says Schreiner. “It’s time to phase out logging in Algonquin now.”
According to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s (ECO) Annual Report released today at Queen’s Park, the ecological integrity of the park is threatened. Over 65% of Algonquin is open to logging.
“The Liberals have a choice: stop the logging or be honest with people that Algonquin is not really a provincial park with basic environmental protections,” says Schreiner. 
The Green Party is calling for a ban now in order to provide forestry companies time to economically phase out logging in the park over the next decade. The ECO suggests there is adequate lumber supply in the region to keep companies in business while protecting the integrity of the park.
“Like many parents, one of the highlights of my summer was paddling in Algonquin with my daughter. I’m not going to let the status quo politics at Queen’s Park prevent my daughter from enjoying the park with my grandkids,” says Schreiner. “Algonquin is worth fighting to protect.”
The Green Party of Ontario wants to restore honesty, integrity, and good public policy to Queen’s Park.