What Would Mike Say?

(Guelph): Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario and candidate in Guelph, expressed his dismay at once again being shut out of the televised leaders’ debate.

“I guess that the entertainment value of mud-slinging over scandals past and empty promises about the days to come is greater than what I have to offer,” said Schreiner. “All I’ve got is honesty, integrity, and a set of policy initiatives that I know would be good for Ontario.”

The Green Party is fielding a full slate of candidates. The Party’s platform was released before any of the status quo parties released theirs and has been well received by voters and the province’s media.

“One of our platform demands is that we want to make sure the rules are fair and are equitably applied. Our main concern is that the province is allowing development by loophole and special dispensation, as we see in Midhurst,” said Schreiner. “But now I see all three parties are able to put their self-interest before fair and transparent rules.”

In 2008, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, was initially shut out of the debate, even though the Party had a sitting MP, Blair Wilson. Public protest succeeded in swaying the leaders of the NDP and the Liberal Party, who asked that Ms. May be included in the debates. In 2011, however, no such scruples prevailed. Nor has pressure on the other leaders changed their minds this time around.

Greens have been included in debates in other provinces. “We have always maintained we just want to know what the rules are,” said Schreiner. “It upsets our members and supporters that they don’t know why we aren’t allowed in.”

The Green Party is committed to bringing transparent and equitable rules to Ontario, and honesty, integrity, and good public policy to Queen’s Park.

Media contact: Candice Lepage