No Magic Money or Fairy Dust: Smart Energy Policy Now!

For Immediate Release
May 26, 2014

(Guelph): Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, announced the Party’s plan to save energy, increase the value of homes, and stimulate cleantech businesses in Ontario.

“I’m astonished at what passes for energy policy from the three status quo parties,” said Schreiner. “The Liberals’ 10% hydro handout for home electricity consumption is literally $1.1 billion up in smoke. The NDP want to top that with another $100 per household and removing the HST. The PCs want to set Ontario back twenty years and ramp up nuclear plants. It’s all wasted money that does double-duty by encouraging wasteful consumption!”

While other parties use complicated schemes, flashy gimmicks, and expensive giveaways to headline their energy policy, the Green Party has a simple approach to support homeowners, innovative businesses, jobs, and energy conservation.

The Green Party will invest $1 billion a year for four years in your home for home energy retrofits. Over four years, 1 million homes can each receive $4000 credits towards the purchase of insulation, new windows and doors, LED lights and energy star rated appliances. Greens will also make low-cost loans available through utilities.

“People will see the savings on their gas and electricity bills. Their homes will be worth more. And more than 50,000 jobs will be created directly by this investment,” said Schreiner. “Those jobs include something for everyone — construction and trades, planning, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, marketing, communications, and administration.”

The Green Party plans to pay for the program with savings from cancelling the refurbishment of the Darlington nuclear plants, estimated by the government at $10 billion. Replacement hydro can be purchased for $6 billion, leaving $4 billion for support of home retrofits.

“I’m proud that we are putting forward a program that will increase people’s comfort in their homes, the value of their homes, and the job prospects for the next generation,” said Schreiner. “I’m especially proud that we are able to do this for less than the amount of money being thrown away by the Liberals and the NDP. As my grandmother said, ‘Waste not, want not!’”

Mike Schreiner and the Green Party are bringing honesty, integrity, and good public policy to Queen’s Park.

Media contact: Candice Lepage