Greens Go Bump in the Polls

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May 17, 2014

(Guelph): Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario and candidate in Guelph, took a moment out from campaigning to celebrate this week’s poll results showing Greens on the rise.

“I’m excited for our team. It feels great to give people a real alternative to politics as usual,” said Schreiner. “I’m thrilled that so many voters want to bring back honesty, integrity, and good public policy to Queen’s Park.”

Threehundredeight.com, a poll aggregator, pegs support for Schreiner in Guelph at 18%. In Parry Sound–Muskoka and in Dufferin–Caledon, Green candidates are polling in second place, ahead of the NDP and the Liberal candidates.

“I’m full of hope for my kids because of the response we’re getting at the door, in the coffee shops, and in the street. People are tired of the games politicians are playing with our future,” said Matt Richter from Parry Sound–Muskoka. “Voters are responding positively to our ideas, on the economy, on education, on the environment — people want to move forward.”

According to an EKOS poll of Ontarians published May 16, the GPO is the choice of more voters in northeast and central Ontario than the NDP, and is only 1 point behind the PCs.

“I’ve known for a long time that this riding can go Green,” said Karren Wallace, Green Party candidate in Dufferin–Caledon. “Defeating the Mega-quarry proposal made it clear that citizens can take action to protect what they value most in their communities.”

Even though Schreiner has been shut out of the broadcast leaders’ debate, he’s confident that the Party’s message is getting out. “People at the door are telling me that things have to change. They want honest answers, not political games. I am happy to tell them that there is another choice, the Green Party.”

The Green Party is confident they will send Green MPPs to Queen’s Park as a result of this election.


Media contact: Candice Lepage