June election leaves democratic initiatives to die

For Immediate ReleaseMay 6, 2014

Guelph – Green Party of Ontario leader and Guelph candidate Mike Schreiner criticized the other party leaders for leaving democracy stranded in the rush to jump on the campaign bus. 
“Catchy slogans, media stunts, and rally signs do not make good public policy,” says Schreiner. “Political games by the status quo parties at Queen’s Park killed legislation that would strengthen our democracy.” 
Bill 83, known as the anti-SLAPP bill, would make it more difficult for vested interests with deep pockets to threaten critics with legal costs and delays. 
The legislation was introduced nearly a year ago, but has been stalled by the tactics of corporate lobbyists and the failure of the status quo parties to cooperate. 
“Political games forced citizens to take a back seat,” says Schreiner. “All parties said they supported anti-SLAPP legislation, but they failed to pass the bill. What a shame.”
Bill 166, the Toronto Ranked Ballot Elections Act, has also been abandoned by the election call. The bill would introduce needed electoral reform to eliminate the need for strategic voting, reduce negative campaigning, and ensure our preferences are more directly represented. It opens the door for proportional representation so that every vote counts. 
Politicians of all stripes, business owners, social justice leaders, journalists, and artists have joined together in their support for municipal electoral reform. 
“If we want to restore faith and bolster participation in politics, we need to fix the broken electoral system,” said Dave Meslin, a leader in the movement to revitalize our democracy. “We elect MPPs to work together in our interest, not to derail the legislature and waste the thousands of hours that have been invested in these important bills. The early election call only serves to feed cynicism about politics.” 
Mike Schreiner issued calls to fast track these and other important bills. 
The Green Party is on a mission to restore honesty, integrity, and good public policy to Queen’s Park.