Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner’s statement on Earth Day

Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, made the following statement regarding Earth Day:

“Earth Day is a time when we can reflect on the state of our planet.

I have the privilege of meeting with many Ontarians from all walks of life. It is clear that people understand how essential a thriving, clean environment is to our health, quality of life and economy. We all have a responsibility to protect our environment today and to leave a healthy legacy for our kids and the generations to follow.

Earth Day is the perfect time to sign the Food and Water First pledge to protect Ontario’s Class 1 farmland and source water regions. Ontario loses 365 acres of farmland every day, equivalent to an area the size of Toronto each year. The government’s failure to protect prime farmland and source water regions threatens our ability to feed ourselves and provide clean water today and tomorrow.

The Green Party is committed to making every effort to preserve the land and water that sustain us now and for future generations. We will work with citizens to create a lasting legacy for Ontario by putting food and water first.

Earth Day is also a time for citizens to take personal action on climate change and to demand that the provincial government implement policies to meet our climate responsibilities. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to our environment and economy. We must act now. Every dollar we invest in preventing the negative effects of climate change will save us upwards of $10 in future remedial costs.

On this Earth Day all Ontarians should to take a moment to celebrate our province’s phase out of coal to generate electricity, which was completed last week. But we must also acknowledge that greenhouse gas pollution continues to rise. Ontario needs courageous political leadership to put a price on greenhouse gas pollution. A price on carbon pollution has reduced greenhouse gas emissions while fostering innovation, job creation and economic progress in countries across the world.

I encourage everyone to participate in one of the many Earth Day events today or this upcoming weekend. Positive change is possible, and the time to act is now.”