International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! 
Thank you to the incredibly talented and diverse group of women around the world who contribute so much to weaving the fabric of our families, communities and societies.
We particularly thank and recognize the women leading the way in breaking down barriers in politics and government, as political volunteers, staff, candidates and also to the female leaders here at home serving in our municipal and provincial governments.
While we have made enormous progress in women’s rights over the past decades, there is still more to be done. 
We will continue to work towards efforts that will close the income gap, allow the same access to employment and participation in decision-making, and provide fair representation in media and politics.
On behalf of Green Party of Ontario, we look forward to working with you towards gender equality in Canada and around the world.

Becky Smit
Executive Director

Kathy Acheson
Provincial Campaign Chair

Amy Watson
Operations Manager