Green candidates deliver strong message for change in by-elections

For Immediate ReleaseFebruary 13, 2014
Toronto – Green Party leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement on the by-elections in Niagara Falls and Thornhill:
“I’m very proud of our candidates, Dr. Teresa Pun in Thornhill and Clarke Bitter in Niagara Falls. They have stood up with integrity to promote positive long term solutions.
Voters in both ridings are ready for change. The old parties aren’t delivering the solutions they need – stronger support for local businesses, improved healthcare, an honest conversation about funding for transit and a better future for our kids by ending duplication in our school system.
The Green Party continues to attract new voters who are tired of politics-as-usual. Voters want politicians who will put them first, and fight for our economy, environment and communities. The Green Party is committed to bringing leadership on these issues to Queen’s Park.
Greens are making a difference in Canada and around the world. Our candidates are committed to bringing the same leadership and integrity to Queen’s Park that Elizabeth May has brought to the House of Commons. A vote for the Green party is a strategic and responsible vote for change.”