Carmeuse quarry should not be used as a landfill site

February 13, 2014 
The Honourable Jim Bradley
Minister of the Environment
77 Wellesley Street West
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
Toronto ON
M7A 2T5
Dear Honourable Jim Bradley:
I am writing with concerns regarding a proposal from Walker Industries to use the Carmeuse quarry near Ingersoll, Ontario, as a landfill site. This would circumvent Ministry of Natural Resources quarry rehabilitation requirements, and the land use would conflict greatly with nearby residential areas and Class 1 farmland. After consulting with concerned residents and reviewing reports created by expert scientists, I am deeply concerned that this is a flawed proposal.
It is my understanding that the Ministry of the Environment recently granted Walker Industries sixteen additional weeks to respond to concerns raised about their inadequate Terms of Reference. Having attended a public meeting in Ingersoll and having met personally with a representative from Walker Industries, it has been reinforced for me that the approvals process is deeply flawed. This presents a particular challenge for citizen’s groups and municipal governments who have to spend time and money defending their communities.
Putting a stop to this proposal will protect the area’s drinking water supply, prevent their already below-standard air quality from getting worse, and preserve the environment and public health. It would also save the community and the proponent time and money.
The residents of Oxford County expected a timely response from your Ministry, and instead, it is my understanding that over 13,000 letters of concern have gone unanswered.
Instead of building new landfills, let’s work together to reduce Ontario’s waste. I will continue to call for sending the proposed Waste Reduction Act to committee, where we can work together to strengthen and improve the legislation, so that Ontario can benefit economically and environmentally from reducing waste.
I appreciate your attention to this issue.
Mike Schreiner
Leader, Green Party of Ontario