Can Ontario trust OPG to manage nuclear plants?

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to the Auditor General of Ontario’s annual report: 
“Today’s Auditor General’s report raises questions about Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) ability to manage Ontario’s nuclear plants. 
At the same time OPG is giving senior staff bonuses as high as $1.3 million, Standard and Poor’s has downgraded OPG’s outlook to negative. 
It’s outrageous that the Liberals have allowed OPG to grant huge bonuses for senior staff at a time when they also are calling for wage restraint for front line public sector workers. And why are OPG management being rewarded for their performance when financial markets are less than impressed? 
It’s an insult to people seeking financial help to retrofit their homes to save energy and money to learn that OPG executives are receiving $383,000 in moving expenses. 
The poor financial and employment practices at OPG call into question its competence to manage Ontario’s nuclear plants. The Liberals have a responsibility to assure the public that the safety of Ontario’s nuclear plants have not been compromised by the questionable hiring practices at OPG. 
Given the alarming management practices the Auditor General has revealed at OPG, the Green Party is calling for:

  • A moratorium on the Darlington refurbishment until an independent public review of cost estimates associated with the proposed refurbishment takes place.
  • An audit of OPG’s nuclear decommissioning and waste storage and disposal plans and cost estimates.
  • A complete overhaul of compensation, management and hiring practices at OPG. The government must cap executive pay (including bonuses) for senior public sector managers.

The people of Ontario should expect better from our elected officials and public utilities. The Green Party demands concrete action, not empty Liberal political rhetoric, to fix the problems identified in the Auditor General’s report.”