More action, fewer political games needed to conserve energy

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to the Environment Commissioner of Ontario’s annual energy conservation report: 
“It is impossible to trust the Liberals when they say one thing and then do another. The Liberals say they want to put conservation first, but their actions tell a different story.
The government knows that energy conservation is essential to creating jobs, addressing climate change, and making life more affordable. 
Yet, according to the Environment Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), the Liberal government will not meet conservation targets for electricity or transportation fuels. The Liberals should be ashamed of themselves for misleading the public by saying they prioritize conservation but then doing nothing.
Since the cheapest and greenest source of energy is the energy we save, the Liberal government should not delay programs to help people save money by saving energy. 
The Green Party is calling on the Liberals to implement legislation to help home-owners, businesses and tenants save money and energy with building retrofits now.
In addition, the Liberals continue to delay action on conserving transportation fuels, which they promised in 2007. Ontario is losing the opportunity to lead on this issue to other jurisdictions such as California. 
It’s wrong to play politics with energy conservation. The gas plant scandal shows us how costly it is when the Liberals play political games with energy policy. 
Ontario deserves honest, effective leadership. We want to see energy policy and supporting legislation, not just promises and pipedreams. We want short-term actions to match long-term goals. We need smarter energy policy in Ontario, and we need it now.”