Ontario needs action, not just talk, to protect us from pipelines

Toronto, ON – Mike Schreiner, leader of the GPO, made the following statement on the Liberal’s Energy East announcement: 
“The Liberal government needs to take concrete action when it comes to protecting Ontario from the dangers of shipping dirty oil through pipelines not designed to handle such corrosive material.
I welcome the government’s announcement to conduct a public review of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline proposal, but we’ve heard this act before. 
Premier Wynne said the government would ensure that Enbridge’s Line 9B would meet environmental standards, and then refused to conduct an Environmental Assessment on Line 9B. In fact, after visiting Alberta to endorse the oil sands she gave her blessing to shipping dirty oil through Ontario.
What makes us believe the liberals won’t flip flop again?
This is a dangerous pattern that we’ve seen with the Liberals: they say they are going to do the right thing but their actions betray their words.
I hope they don’t let us down again.”