Liberals’ inaction on conservation wastes money and resources

(Queen’s Park): Efficiency and conservation is the cheapest and greenest solution to Ontario’s energy needs. 
Unfortunately, according to the Environment Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), the Liberal government has done so little on conservation in the past year that it was a challenge to even produce a report.
“The Liberal’s inaction on conservation is costing us money, wasting resources and failing to prepare Ontario for the future,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “Their inaction is irresponsible at time when the Liberals have wasted millions on moving gas plants and plan to waste billions on new nuclear plants.”
The ECO’s Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report, released today, also criticizes the Liberal government for creating barriers that prevent municipalities from implementing conservation projects such as district energy systems. 
“It is unacceptable that the Liberals have not removed barriers to implementing energy saving infrastructure such as Guelph’s proposed district energy system,” says Schreiner. “Innovative local energy solutions create jobs and save money. I will continue to fight to remove these unnecessary barriers to innovation.”
Find the full report at http://www.eco.on.ca/