Protect our communities from oil spills

Enbridge’s plans for Line 9 is bad for our environment and our economy. 
Please take a minute to send the Premier a letter today, asking her to say no to re-purposing Line 9.

They plan to repurpose and reverse the flow of Line 9, which will ship diluted bitumen (‘dilbit”) through over one hundred communities, under every major river system in Southern Ontario.
The pipeline was never designed to carry dilbit, which is a thicker, more corrosive substance than conventional crude. Pipeline safety experts say that it is not a matter of if, but when Line 9 will spill.
Dilbit spills are a nightmare to clean up, because instead of floating on top of the water where it can (relatively) easily be reached, it spreads and then sinks to the bottoms of our rivers. 
Being a corridor for dirty energy provides no clear economic benefits for Ontario and it may hurt the province’s efforts to capitalize on homegrown, clean energy opportunities.

Mike Schreiner is speaking out strongly against Line 9, has joined community groups opposed to it and made a submission to the National Energy Board against Line 9B.
He needs your help to put pressure on Premier Wynne to protect our communities from oil spills. 
Thank you for speaking out on this issue. Together, we can make a difference.