We can’t eat subdivisions, quarries or pipelines

Ottawa, ON – Green Party leader and Guelph candidate Mike Schreiner called for the complete protection of prime farmland in Ontario.

“We can’t eat subdivisions, quarries or pipelines,” said Schreiner while attending the Association Municipalities of Ontario Conference in Ottawa. “The Ontario government must stop destroying prime farmland before it’s too late.”

Only five percent of Ontario’s land mass is suitable for growing food. Less than 0.5% is prime farmland. Yet Ontario is losing approximately 126,000 acres of farmland each year to development.

“People are tired of the Liberal’s bait and switch government that says one thing and does another. The government’s local food act is meaningless if the Liberals fail to protect prime farmland,” added Schreiner. “There will be no local food if the province continues to lose farmland at a rate equal to the size of Toronto each year.”

The Green Party is pushing the government to protect prime farmland from development in the new Provincial Policy Statement, which is currently under review. Schreiner is the only political leader to sign the Food and Water First pledge to protect farmland and source water regions. He has challenged other political leaders to sign the pledge.

“Good soil is priceless and must be protected. It is a shame no Liberal, NDP or PC MPP has taken a simple pledge to put food and water first in Ontario,” said GPO deputy leader Kevin O’Donnell. “The Greens will always put food and water first before developers, quarries and pipelines.”