Greens refused to play political games in by-elections

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement on the five Ontario by-elections held on August 1: 
“I’m proud of the Green Party’s five by-election candidates for taking principled positions on critical issues and refusing to play the political games that are turning off voters. 
I want to thank all Green voters for sending a message that the status quo isn’t good enough. We must demand better from politicians. 
All five of our candidates committed to put good public policy ahead of political games, taking principled stands on transit, pipelines and moving to one school system.
Greens reject the cynical vote-buying schemes that cost us over half a billion with the gas plant scandals and threaten to derail critical improvements to transit. The status quo parties’ political games were most on display in Scarborough-Guildwood where Green candidate Nick Leeson was the only candidate to support moving forward with plans to build LRT – despite both the Liberal and NDP candidates being on record as supporting LRT in the recent past.
The Green Party continues to attract new voters who are tired of politics-as-usual. Voters want politicians who will put them first, and fight for our economy, environment and communities. The Green Party is committed to bringing leadership on these issues to Queen’s Park. 
We continued to build strength in these by-elections, and will keep putting pressure on the three status quo parties at Queen’s Park to answer the concerns we have about the future of our province.”