What August 1st means

Everyone should be taking Nick Leeson seriously.”    
  — John Loric, writer for Globe & Mail and Toronto Star

Nick Leeson, our GPO candidate in Scarborough-Guildwood, and our four other outstanding Green candidates are making an impact.

With dedicated volunteers, all five of our candidates have been pounding the pavement and taking principled stands on key issues like transit, pipelines and environmental protections.

We are making a difference. But in the end, elections come down to one day. We need your help to make sure our voters vote Green on Thursday.  

You can help by:

Making 10 phone calls to encourage people to vote:  I’ll make calls!Share our message on Facebook and Twitter:  I’ll share this message! (See links below)Donating $25 today to help feed our volunteers on E-day:  I’ll donate!

The status quo at Queen’s Park isn’t working. Let’s think big and expect better.

Your help today will help us reach new heights on Thursday.  


Becky Smit
Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario

P.S. Learn more about our candidates at www.gpo.ca/by-elections13