Greens on Board for Light Rail

Toronto – Green Party of Ontario candidate in Scarborough-Guildwood, lawyer Nick Leeson, would vote for Light Rail to connect his riding with the downtown core if elected to Queen’s Park. 
Leeson said that Light Rail is good public policy. “Scarborough residents deserve transit now. With Light Rail we can get our economy moving by providing residents with transit, on budget, in a way that protects our environment, and we can do it in a timely way.”
Controversy over the expansion of public transit to the area deepened as the Liberals who once championed Light Rail now say they are willing to reconsider a proposal for a subway should council provide an “evidence based” rationale.
“The evidence is in,” said Green Party leader Mike Schreiner. “We’ve seen what happens when the Liberals cancel plans for political self-interest – our tax dollars get wasted and the legislature grinds to a halt like traffic in the GTA. We need to get our economy moving by ending grid lock and building transit in a financially responsible way.”
Leeson and Schreiner are calling for a clear position from all parties on public transit. “Our environment, our constituents, and our pocket books can’t afford a delay. We need an honest conversation about transit. Saying you support subways without a plan to pay for it or changing your position to buy votes is politics at its worst and it’s sadly status quo for the other parties. But Greens do politics differently,” said Leeson.