Green Party is the choice for change in by-elections

Toronto – Green Party of Ontario leader, Mike Schreiner, announced the party’s 5 candidates for the August 1 by-elections. The Greens are a strategic choice for change.

“People are tired of the same old parties playing political games at Queen’s Park,” says Schreiner. “If you want real change with sensible solutions, then vote Green.”

“While the old parties squabble over scandals, play political games and offer band-aids, the rest of the world marches boldly into the 21st century,” says Schreiner. “In the face of extreme weather events that threaten our communities and economy, how can we ensure Ontario is still the best place to secure your children’s future when the old parties fail to even talk about climate change?”

Green candidates are committed to offering a choice for change in the by-elections. This includes engaging in honest conversations about finding efficiency and fairness through a single publicly-funded school system, protecting the environment and holding politicians accountable.

Green Party candidates for the by-elections are:

  • Angela Salewsky for Etobicoke-Lakeshore
  • Gary Brown for London West
  • Taylor Howarth for Ottawa South
  • Nick Leeson for Scarborough-Guildwood
  • Adam Wright for Windsor-Tecumseh

More information, including biographies and candidate photos, can be found at


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