Action on safe streets needed now to prevent more deaths

Mike Schreiner, leader of the GPO, made the following statement on the anniversary of the Coroner’s Cycling Death Review: 
“Ontario must take action to make our streets safe for everyone. Inaction by the Liberal government on cycling and walking safety is unacceptable and will lead to more preventable deaths.
A year ago today, Ontario’s Chief Coroner released the Cycling Death Review. The report concluded that 100 percent of the 129 cycling deaths in Ontario from 2006 to 2010 were preventable.
Yet, the provincial government has failed to complete action on any of the 14 recommendations. How many cyclist must die before the government takes action?
The Green Party will continue to push the Ministry of Transportation to overhaul its draft cycling strategy. I am encouraged by Minister Glen Murray’s admission that the draft cycling strategy is inadequate at best, and his commitment to revise it.
Greens will continue to push the government to invest 2% of the transportation budget in cycling and walking infrastructure to make our streets safer. I was deeply disappointed that the neither the Liberal government nor the two opposition parties at Queen’s Park proposed or demanded funding for safe streets in the budget.
Everyone, especially our children, deserve safe streets. All three parties should be held accountable for their inaction on preventing cycling and walking deaths on our streets.”