Spring cleaning needed at Queen’s Park after scandalous session

Queen’s Park – Responsible government took a beating during the spring session at Queen’s Park. 
“Queen’s Park needs a spring clean after a scandalous session,” says Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario. “Politics is off the rails in Ontario. Instead of tackling major challenges–like an outdated economy, transportation and education system–the old parties play politics with gas plants.”
Only one bill outside of the budget passed because the Legislature is paralyzed by the gas plant scandal.
“It’s disgusting that the Liberals have broken the law and the public’s trust by illegally deleting emails in a third-rate cover up,” says Schreiner. “Without cleaning house, it is hard to see how Queen’s Park can function properly.”
The Green Party is pushing all party support for legislation in the fall to prevent the most appalling abuses of democracy in the past two sessions of the Legislature. The GPO is calling for legislation to end the political abuse of prorogation and for stiff penalties for the destruction of government records.
“The status quo is broken, and the Green Party is prepared to hold the old parties accountable for taking action to clean up Queen’s Park,” says Schreiner. “It is hard to see how the public’s interest can be advanced when the government of the day can abuse the system to their political advantage.”