Political games over transit threaten Ontario’s economy

Toronto – Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, made the following statement regarding the Metrolinx Investment Strategy for transit: 
“We can’t let political games at Queen’s Park derail funding for transit. 
Gridlock costs our economy $6 billion each year. It’s short sighted for the NDP and PCs to oppose dedicated revenue tools for transit. What is their solution to tackling gridlock?
It is not a question of whether we should fund transit, it is a question of how. Transit is essential to getting Ontario’s economy moving again.
Today’s Metrolinx report is an important step in advancing the debate on funding transit in the GTHA. The Green Party supports dedicated revenue tools to fund transit. We welcome a conversation on the best tools to move the province forward.
Unfortunately the report misses an opportunity to drive real change by failing to deliver recommendations that immediately reduce congestion. The report’s recommendations don’t provide incentives to change people’s transportation choices.
Ontario needs innovative revenue tools that put a price on congestion, not HST hikes. Greens support revenue tools that provide funding and deliver incentives to reduce congestion.
Ontario needs innovative ideas and bold leadership, not political games, to get our economy moving again.”