Congratulations to Andrew Weaver, BC’s first Green MLA

GPO leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement on the election of BC’s first Green MLA:

“I want to congratulate Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver for his historic victory in yesterday’s BC election. Andrew is the first Green ever elected in a provincial legislature in Canada.

Once again BC voters have made history two years after electing Elizabeth May as Canada’s first Green MP. I am happy and excited for Andrew and everyone pushing for a sustainable future. I know Andrew will seize this moment to be a voice for change in BC, and he will work tirelessly serving his constituents in Oak Bay–Gordon Head.
I also want to commend Leader Jane Sterk and all BC Green candidates for a strong campaign. The Green movement in Canada is growing stronger.
Mr. Weaver’s election is an inspiration for the Green Party of Ontario. GPO members are already working hard to bring change to Ontario by electing our first Green MPP to Queen’s Park.”