Premier needs to deliver on promise to save the Experimental Lakes

For Immediate ReleaseMay 8, 2013
Toronto – The Green Party of Ontario is calling on Premier Wynne to back up her promise to save the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). There was no mention of the ELA in the provincial budget.
“Talk is cheap,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “The Premier’s announcement to save the ELA is meaningless if there is no funding. We need action on clean water, not hot air.”
Two weeks ago, Premier Wynne announced that the province would save the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). Keeping the Experimental Lakes Area open is an important victory for clean water, science and our environment.
Thousands of Canadians put pressure on the Ontario government to save the ELA after the Harper government abandoned its responsibility to support clean water research.
“It’s time for the Premier to follow through on her commitment, and allocate funding to keep the ELA operational,” says Schreiner.