Mike Schreiner Leading the Fight Against Dolime

For Immediate ReleaseApril 30, 2013
Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario and MPP candidate in Guelph, is leading an initiative to protect Guelph’s water from the Dolime quarry.
The quarry threatens the quality, quantity, and cost of water for Guelph residents. Schreiner is launching a campaign to support the City of Guelph in their battle with the province to appeal the quarry’s recently approved permit to take water. 
“Water is a finite resource essential to our health, environment and economy,” says Schreiner. “The province is failing to protect our water. It’s time to take a stand.”
The City of Guelph is seeking leave to appeal the Ministry of the Environment’s approval for Dolime’s water taking permit. The city is asking for a limit at the current historic average pumping rate, a comprehensive long-term water management plan, an effective monitoring plan, and a financial assurances plan.
“Political pressure from citizens stopped the mega quarry,” says Schreiner. “I want to thank the City of Guelph for taking a stand on the Dolime quarry. Together, we must put pressure on the provincial government to protect our water.” 
As GPO leader, Schreiner spoke out against the Melancthon Mega Quarry. Thanks to a coalition of farmers, First Nations, environmentalists, and community members, the company withdrew their application, citing lack of community support.
Residents in Guelph are supporting Schreiner’s initiative by signing an online petition and installing lawn signs in a strong push to protect Guelph’s water.