Forth Annual Forest of Hope Campaign

Nearly 45 years ago, 20 million people celebrated our first Earth Day. This year, an estimated one and a half billion people from 192 countries will participate in Earth Day festivities, signalling their genuine concern for the future of our planet.

We’d like to once again celebrate Earth Day with you by sponsoring the sustainability of Ontario’s unique and beautiful forests.

With your immediate donation to the Green Party of Ontario, you can celebrate Earth Day 2013 with our fourth annual Forest of Hope campaign.

Protecting Ontario’s Ecological Future

We live in a dynamic province and our spectacular nature teems with an abundance of life. No matter where you live in Ontario — from the Golden Horseshoe to the James Bay frontier or from the Ottawa Valley to Lake of the Woods — you need not travel far to see alluring beauty all around you. Ontario truly is a magnificent province.

Because of your ongoing support, the Green Party of Ontario continues to be a leader in protecting our natural heritage for future generations. We have tackled head-on serious issues such as preserving our old-growth red pine forests, saving large areas of pristine agricultural farmland, stopping the expansion of expensive nuclear power, and keeping the Experimental Lakes Area open. We have also initiated light-hearted campaigns to celebrate our diverse natural heritage through our annual calendar contest.

Regardless of the issue, the Green Party of Ontario has been there, standing shoulder to shoulder with you, advancing the issues that are important to you. The Forest of Hope campaign is another one of the ways we strive to promote environmental awareness and take action to leave a sustainable legacy for our kids.

A Solid Foundation

Green parties across the globe have been on the forefront of the environmental movement on a political level for over 30 years. Green legislators take their seats in dozens of parliaments and participate in several governments around the world. In May of 2011, Elizabeth May became Canada’s first elected Green MP.

However, Elizabeth’s victory is just the beginning of what is necessary to create a sustainable future. Your help is needed to keep the momentum going and make sure that Green policies, Green democracy, and Green values are front and centre in Ontario. We need to elect Green MPPs like Mike Schreiner to Queen’s Park!

Electoral success is an important component of your support as a Green Party member. However, your support can go even further, beyond preparing for the upcoming election, to show what can be achieved now. If creating a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren is truly important, then what is done before and after winning more seats is absolutely critical.

A Lasting Legacy

Four years ago, you helped launch the Forest of Hope campaign, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Through this campaign, a portion of your one-time or monthly contribution made to the Green Party of Ontario goes towards planting trees in our province.

With your gift to the Forest of Hope campaign, you will leave a lasting legacy for generations of Ontarians to come. Please join the Forest of Hope campaign again this year and help us all get ready for the upcoming election with your financial contribution. Go online at www.forestofhope.ca, or call the Ontario Greens toll-free at 888-647-3366.

Yours sincerely,


Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario

P.S. We have done amazing things together, like working with community groups to stop the mega-quarry in 2012. Let’s take this to the next level and elect Green MPPs in 2013. Please give to the Forest of Hope campaign today.