Schreiner delivers strong message for change in historic meeting with Premier

Queen’s Park – Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, made the following statement after his historic meeting with the Premier.

“I’m encouraged that Premier Wynne is reaching out across party lines and has listened to our fresh ideas for Ontario. Queen’s Park is broken, and needs the new approach that we bring.
Today I asked the Premier to include three of our priorities in the 2013 budget:

  • Save over $1 billion each year by merging the school boards into one english and french public system;
  • Protect our water with actions that start with funding the Experimental Lakes Area, and 
  • Move from talk to action with dedicated funding for public transit.

While the Premier and I may agree on some targets – such as the essential need to fund transit – the Liberal record misses the mark. 
The gas plant fiasco, for example, has cost us millions and squandered the goodwill of the people of Ontario. The Green Party provides the smart, engaged and honest approach to a green future that people are looking for. 
Ontarians are looking for change. They want better management of our money, higher-quality services, smarter implementation of environmental policies, and greater equity and accessibility in education. I call on Premier Wynne’s government to be more efficient, more honest, and more principled than the Liberal government that preceded hers.
I will continue to push the Premier to make sure this province is strong today and provides a vibrant future for our kids and their kids.”