Liberals waste millions on gas plants, billions on nuclear

Queen’s Park – Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement in regards to the Auditor General’s report on the cancelled gas plant in Mississauga:

“The Liberal government is mismanaging Ontario’s energy future. 
The Liberals’ decision to locate gas plants near homes and schools was wrong. They have made the problem worse by putting their own political interests before the public’s. Now Ontarians are paying the price for Liberal mismanagement.
After this expensive fiasco, Ontario cannot afford to waste billions by making the wrong decision again.
Yet the Liberals are set to spend billions on new nuclear without an independent review. This is completely irresponsible and shows the government has not learned from the gas plant mistake.
In light of the gas plant fiasco, today’s Auditor General’s report reinforces the Green Party’s call for an independent review of nuclear costs and alternatives. An independent review is the best way to ensure that Ontario makes the best choices to secure our energy future. 
The Green Party is also calling for more community involvement in energy planning. Local participation in siting energy projects will help avoid making costly mistakes in the future.”