Greens demand Ontario save the Experimental Lakes Area

(Toronto, Ontario): The Green Party of Ontario has launched a campaign calling on the Ontario government to take over the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) from the federal government.  
In less than a day over 700 people have written letters to the Finance Minister Sousa demanding the ELA be included in the upcoming Ontario budget. Federal Bill C-38 terminates federal funding for the ELA on March 31, 2013.
“The Prime Minister is poised to throw away 45 years of world-renowned freshwater research with his anti-science agenda,” says Green Party leader Mike Schreiner. “The Experimental Lakes Area is vital to keeping our water clean, so we’re calling on Premier Wynne and Minister Sousa to save this priceless resource for future generations.”
Ontario already owns the 58 lakes around Kenora that make up the Experimental Lakes Area. Since 1968, the federal department of Fisheries and Oceans has managed the operations of the ELA. The cost to maintain the ELA as a world-renowned laboratory is only $2 million per year. 
The ELA has played an essential role in explaining algal blooms and acid rain. ELA scientists continue to publish in scientific journals with the ELA being recognized as the most important freshwater research facility in the world.
“No one can predict the next threat to our water,” says Schreiner. “But we can predict the ELA will be vital to the scientists working on tomorrow’s challenges. The Prime Minister refuses to protect Canada’s water, so we’re demanding Premier Wynne step in before it’s too late.”
The Green Party’s ELA petition can be found here: