World Water Day

GPO leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement on World Water Day:

“We are privileged to live in a country with an abundance of clean, drinking water. We have a responsibility to be good stewards of that water for our children and future generations.

The United Nations declared World Water Day to recognize the importance of water to the daily lives of billions of people and the difficulties associated with obtaining clean water.
Protecting clean water is clearly an important issue for the people of Ontario. Thousands of citizens took action to protect our headwaters from the Melancthon mega-quarry. 
It’s now time for the province to take responsibility and close the loopholes in legislation that allow projects like the mega-quarry to threaten our water.
The theme of this year’s World Water Day is international water cooperation. We must understand that conservation and availability of clean water is a global effort. We need to do our part, along with countries around the world, and work together to make sure we’re putting food and water first.”
Photo credit: Scott Haig