NDP opposition to transit funding hurts economy, environment

(Toronto) – GPO leader Mike Schreiner is criticizing the NDP for hurting the economy and environment by refusing to support dedicated revenue tools to fund public transit. 
“NDP leader Andrea Horwath sounds like Rob Ford when it comes to funding public transit,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “Ontario’s economy will grind to a halt if we don’t reduce gridlock with dedicated revenue for public transit.”
Gridlock costs the GTHA economy $6 billion per year in lost productivity. If the status quo doesn’t change, gridlock will cost the economy $15 billion per year. Congestion hurts our health, environment and takes time away from family and community.
The GPO is calling on MPPs in the minority legislature to support dedicated funding for transit.
“We need to be realistic about funding public transit,” adds Schreiner. “People are tired of being stuck in traffic. They understand that we can’t afford transit improvements without new revenue. It’s unfortunate the NDP is standing in the way of better public transit for those who need it most.”
“The NDP are wasting the opportunity they have in the minority legislature to leave a great legacy for ours and our kids’ future by funding world-class transit across the province,” adds Schreiner. “We need to change direction in transportation planning, and we need to be realistic about funding. Wishful thinking won’t fund transit.”
Ontario can’t afford to let gridlock continue. Better transit benefits everyone. It means less congestion, fewer accidents and less pollution.