Darlington moving ahead – but there’s still time to stop it

On Friday, the proposed Darlington Nuclear refurbishment passed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission review.  
This opens the gate for the government to spend billions on more nuclear. 
This is the wrong move for our environment. Darlington’s use of Lake Ontario water for cooling destroys millions of fish, larvae and eggs each year, and Darlington is also a major source of thermal and chemical pollution in the lake.
This is the wrong move financially. No nuclear project has ever come in on time or on budget. The recent refurbishment at Bruce Nuclear is $2 billion over budget. 
And this is the wrong move for our economy. We have an opportunity to become leaders in green energy and cleantech innovation, but not if we continue to waste money on outdated, expensive technology from the last century.
But it’s not too late. The government can still make the right decision and stop the Darlington refurbishment. 
Please take a moment to send a message to Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to tell him that that nuclear is the wrong move. 
Thanks for taking action on this important issue.
Kevin O’Donnell
Deputy Leader
Green Party of Ontario