GPO supports cooperation for Proportional Representation

Greens believe in cooperation in the public interest. This is especially the case in moving away from our outdated First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system that distorts electoral results and undermines democracy. 
Many Greens have asked for my opinion on Joyce Murray’s candidacy in the federal Liberal leadership race. Like Elizabeth May, I salute B.C. MP Joyce Murray’s call for cooperation and an end to the FPTP voting system. We need more politicians across Canada like Ms. Murray to support strengthening our democracy by advocating for Proportional Representation (PR). I believe every vote should count and all voices should be represented in Parliament.
As the leader of the Green Party of Ontario, I will not endorse candidates for leadership in other parties. I believe Ontario and Canada need Green MPPs and MPs to shake up the status quo and to put forward positive solutions to some our most pressing challenges such as climate change.
I do hope the movement for PR grows stronger as a result of Joyce Murray’s leadership campaign. Her decision to chart a new course for the Liberal Party on this issue is courageous and full of integrity. 
People have asked for my advice on what to do before the March 3 deadline to participate in the Liberal leadership contest. That’s your personal decision. Whatever your choice, I support  Elizabeth’s position: We need our supporters to remain active in the Green Party.
Parliamentarian of the year Elizabeth May has shown what a positive difference even one Green Party voice makes in Ottawa. I intend to make the same difference at Queen’s Park. Let’s work together to elect more Greens and to push for a better democracy with PR.