Queen’s Park needs a new political culture

Queen’s Park – Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement on the swearing in of Hon. Kathleen Wynne:  
“Congratulations to Hon. Kathleen Wynne as she is sworn in today as Ontario’s new Premier.
I welcome the chance to work with the Premier to create a new political culture at Queen’s Park. We need to move away from hyper-partisanship, lack of decorum and divide-and-pander policies that present politics at its worst.
Politics should be about holding the government accountable, having a rigorous debate about the issues, and always putting the public good first.
We have an opportunity to fix politics in Ontario. A good first step is the intention to recall the Legislature. Next we need to reform the prorogation process so that it can only be used to support the interests of the public, not whichever party happens to be in charge.
With Ontario facing record deficits and labour unrest, I also look forward to working with the Premier to tackle three key policy priorities: jobs and the economy, securing our children’s future, and improving the quality of life in our neighbourhoods.”