Open Letter to Premier-designate Hon. Kathleen Wynne

The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier-designateLegislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1
Dear Premier-designate Wynne,
Congratulations on your election as leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. I’ve enjoyed working with you in the past and look forward to working with you as Premier.
The Green Party is committed to working cooperatively with other parties to contribute positively to the lives of the people of Ontario. I’d like the chance to meet with you to offer fresh ideas and new ways of doing politics that puts good policy ahead of partisan interests.
Your decision to recall the legislature on February 19 is a good first step to restoring the democratic process in Ontario. Prorogation for politically partisan purposes undermines our democracy, and I believe one of your top priorities should be to fix the loopholes that allowed this to happen.
I hope you will also look to tackle three key policy priorities: jobs and the economy, securing our children’s future, and improving the quality of life in our neighbourhoods.
I know Ontario can be the North American leader in clean tech, low carbon infrastructure and resource efficiency – areas of global job growth. World leaders recognize the critical need to improve our economy while taking urgent action on climate change, calling for a $14 trillion investment in low carbon infrastructure and clean technology at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week 
Our children need and deserve a modern, world class education system. The provincial government must take action to put an end to the turmoil in our schools. Accepting the teachers’ wage freeze proposal is an important first step in restoring democratic bargaining rights while also tackling the province’s record budget deficit. 
We have an obligation to support our most vulnerable children. I will continue to push for the implementation of the recommendations from the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance so that we move from a program that perpetuates poverty to one that reduces it. 
I know you recognize the bold political leadership needed to secure a dedicated funding source for public transit, cycling and walking infrastructure. The economic, social and environmental costs of gridlock are too high for the province to fail to invest in public transit, expanded GO service and safer streets. Gridlock is hurting our economy, communities and families, and I am committed to working with you to ensure that we develop neighbourhoods that are safe to live, work and play.
Ms. Wynne, I look forward to meeting with you to discuss these sensible solutions that will  create good jobs, a vibrant future for our kids, and safe, healthy neighbourhoods.
Mike Schreiner