It’s happening again: our natural environment is under threat

The Comment Period Is Now Closed

The comment period on these specific amendments to the Endangered Species Act is now closed. I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a comment – over 800 submissions were sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources. We will continue to follow this issue closely, and keep in touch with updates. Many thanks for your support. Together, we can make a positive difference in Ontario. 
Becky Smit
Executive Director
January 30th, 2013

Dear friend,

Last year, you told the Liberals that it was unacceptable to dismantle the Endangered Species Act.

Your efforts – signing our petition and sending letters to the Premier and Minister – led to devastating measures being taken out of the omnibus budget bill. We thought the Endangered Species Act was safe. We were wrong.
Our natural environment is under threat again. The Liberals have proposed new regulations that will gut the Endangered Species Act. The changes would grant exemptions that could allow logging companies, mining companies, and mega-quarries to destroy species-at-risk and their habitat. 
We can’t let this happen. There is still time to make your voice heard by sending your comments on the proposed changes to the Ministry of Natural Resources by January 25.
Right now, a permit and application system is in place to monitor and protect sensitive habitats. The government wants to undermine this process and open the door to a self-regulated system with no clear oversight.
This isn’t good enough. 
We’ve seen the damage that the federal government is doing in dismantling environmental protections in Canada. We can’t let the same thing happen in Ontario.
Please take a moment to send in your comment today. You can choose to use the sample comment on our form, or write your own. Have your say by January 25.

Mike Schreiner
Green Party of Ontario 
P.S. We can’t allow environmental protections to be gutted. Thank you for taking action today.