Greens on the rise

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November 27, 2012 
Guelph, ON – The Green Party achieved historic vote totals in yesterday’s federal by-elections in Victoria and Calgary-Centre. In Victoria Green Party candidate Donald Galloway received 34.3 percent, narrowly losing by less than 1200 votes.
“A Green Wave is forming,” says former Guelph Green Party candidate Ben Polley. “We came very close in Victoria. From Elizabeth May’s election we know that running the leader makes a big difference. Imagine what we’ll be capable of achieving with the leader running here in Guelph!”
Mike Schreiner will be officially nominated at the Guelph Green Party provincial nomination meeting on December 4 at Innovation Guelph, 7:30pm.
“People want the principled, positive change that Elizabeth May brings to Ottawa,” says Guelph Greens president Rob Routledge. “I’m excited that GPO leader Mike Schreiner will do the same by representing Guelph at Queen’s Park.”
The provincial Green Party plans to go all-in to make history in Guelph by electing Ontario’s first Green MPP.